Accessory Review: Unity Tactical FAST FTC Aimpoint Magnifier Mount (FDE)

Every so often, you see something that turns your opinion on a subject upside-down. An idea that’s so simple and yet so revolutionary that it makes you question your position. I’ve always thought of magnifiers as ugly, bulky lumps that when they’re stowed, need to be plaved somewhere safe (twist mounts) or end up clumsily... Continue Reading →

Replica Review: Tokyo Marui Breacher “870 MCS”

I like shotguns, they're intimidating and you have to work harder to miss. Airsoft shotguns though? Generally considered as underpowered, certainly they don’t appear to have caught on. Even in CQB games where you’d assume they’d be everywhere, you’ll often only find one or maybe two. They’re commonly viewed as an oddity, a good concept... Continue Reading →

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