Gear Review: ENO Hammocks DoubleNest

So, you’ve decided to sign up to a weekend game where your spending a night or two under the stars…

You know enough about the great outdoors to realise a little extra comfort equals a massive morale boost, and your also trying to be careful with weight, tactical applications and obvious cool factor…

It was this train of thought that got me to look at the various manufacturers of Hammocks, and which ones would be suitable for a weekend under the stars.

Hennessy, DD Hammocks, Snugpak, Hummingbird are all reputedly very good Hammocks, with the US Navy’s SEAL teams apparently having a preference for the Hennessy Explorer Ultralight. After a considerable dredging through dozens of reviews I thought I’d try out the DoubleNest hammock by Eagle’s Nest Outfitters (Or ENO as they are commonly known) As they are based in the US I ordered through Ebay.

Eagle’s Nest Outfitters (or ENO) was formed in 1999 manufacturing and selling Parachute Hammocks out the back of a minivan at Music Festivals up and down the East Coast of the US, but soon found that the demand was far more than was able to be produced whilst on four wheels, nowadays Manufacturing is based in North Carolina, and their products are sold in over 2000 locations across 13 countries.

Upon receiving the Double Nest I was immediately struck by how small the package was, Also at how light! Coming in at just over 500 grams and able to take a beefy 400lbs of weight, even the most tubby of airsofters in “full battle rattle” won’t worry about tearing a man shaped hole through the bottom.

As standard, the hammock comes with a short 1/4 inch high tensile rope on each end connected to a wire gate carabiner to attach to straps of your choice. I’ve elected to add a set of DD Hammocks Amsteel “whoopie” slings (a very popular choice with those in the know) and their ultralight straps. This allows a far greater degree of adjustability on the hammock sling height/angle and adds to the overall lightweight nature of the hammock.

The Hammock itself is a “parachute” style sheet with triple stitched attachment points on each end, this takes the form of a hem which the rope or sling of your choice runs through, this ensures that there is maximum surface area taking the strain, enabling you to sleep without falling out your tree like this unlucky bear…


The material is 70-Denier high tenacity nylon taffeta (or “A silk like nylon weave” for those who had to google it like me) which is silky smooth to the touch but is deceptively tough. The packed dimensions are approximately a 5″ ball, unpacked it’s total size is a whopping 9’4″ x 6″2′. Along one edge is a side pocket which also acts as a stuff sack for the hammock and stitched on the outside of this is a short strap which can be used for a number of tasks, from strapping the hammock to your backpack or belt, to hanging gear or a useful tool/light or another use is to effectively close the hammock whilst out and about to keep anything in the bag relatively safe from the elements.

As for as the elements, this is not designed to be waterproof.. it’s primary function is to be light and breathable. You must also ensure that you are effectively wrapped up with a suitable sleeping bag as the thin material will not keep you comfortable in all but the most mild of nights… I can also recommend sticking in a roll mat to maximise your insulation from underneath, along with a slight increase in comfort. Once you put a decent sleeping bag in the hammock and set up your Poncho on top, you’ll be off the ground and in the warm no matter the weather.

Jumping in, the hammock feels a lot more stable than you’d expect. The material has enough give to be comfortable but without feeling like it’s going to eject you onto the floor. I’d always recommend clearing yourself of any potential “hole makers” before jumping in, Maybe I’m just being cautious but the smallest of holes on a fabric holding x amount of weight is a recipe for booboos and tears. You’ll find yourself getting more and more relaxed once in the hammock and I’ve got to say I’m impressed by just how good a nights sleep you can have in one of these!

My advice, if you spend a few nights outdoors every year and you want to stay warm and dry… buy a hammock. If your looking for quality, I don’t think I can think of anything better in the mid range than this ENO DoubleNest. If money is no issue and your a sucker for that DEVGRU swag, buy the Hennessy, If buying British is your cup of tea.. DD Hammocks have a great range to suit most people’s needs. But this is slap bang in the middle and with enough colour options to suit everyone… from realtree to a hippy tie and die psychedelic design, from safety orange to the olive I opted for… there’s one for everyone.

I hope you all enjoyed the review and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate… also hit that like and subscribe button! It pushes me to provide better content and keeps my focus on improving the blog!

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