The “Essentials” – Part 1

Today I’m going to highlight a few of the essential bits I have for Airsoft and associated activities, That’s not to say you must buy them but they save me a lot of aggravation and could possibly help you too… Plus, Some of these can be grabbed for not much more than the price of an overpriced Coffee and Cake.

LiPo balance checker

A true essential, allows you to monitor the level of your lipo cells and gives an accurate reflection on their health. I’ve had this for well over 15 years, It’s what I used when flying RC (Something most people don’t know about me but I grew up doing) I can’t even remember the make of this one, it’s probably RipMax or Futaba or something…. there’s many available in Ebay, you don’t need to spend a lot, but it’s worth buying one all the same.


Laylax Buffer Tube/Delta Ring Wrench for next Gen

Use the right tool for the job, one of many tool based mantras drummed into me by my Engineer father. It’s not the best wrench in the world, made of softer steel than I’d want and too thin in its thinnest parts, it’s still the best tool for the job. It won’t last forever but I’d rather replace a £20 wrench than a £60 buffer tube. It also works on my ZET System CQBR which is handy.


Odin Innovations Speedloader

Quite simply the best loader on the market, holds about 1500 rounds and loads a full brace of mags in under 2 minutes.


Don’t buy the Nuprol ones… they break (Everything Nuprol breaks… that’s why you won’t see it reviewed here, only mentioned occasionally as a cautionary note) The Odin one however… Simply game changing and well worth the money.



Storacell Powerpax

These were first brought to my attention by Andy (S23) a couple of years ago… since then, they’ve been a mainstay of my grab bag. Ive always got one with me, ready to swap out some fading cells in weapon-lights, headsets, flashlights and of course night vision. Available in a variety of sizes and colours, I’ve opted for the slim models for AA in yellow, AAA in green and CR123a in glow in the dark colours respectively. Useful for anyone who relies on battery operated gadgets when out and about (Be a good lad and buy one for your mum… yes, they do D cells 😉)


Maxpedition Pocket Organisor

I’ve got two of these awesome little pouches, One “Fatty” Containing enough tools to put any replica back in service (Aside from needing replacement parts).


And another “Micro” (Pictured) I use for other bits and bobs… phone cables, power-banks… all easily organised and dumped in a bag worry free.


More coming soon, A few discussion posts plus I’ve made the blog menu slightly easier to navigate! Hope you guys appreciate it and please drop me a line with any feedback!



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