Sling Review: Blue Force Gear Vickers “One” Sling

For some reason, I find that I’m always doing several similar blogs at the same time. I had a run a while ago where I had 3 different glove reviews on the go along side 3 holster reviews and two similar discussion posts… This can be a bit annoying as I’d like to offer a bit more variety to my readership, but sometimes you just seem to have things at certain times and you’ve gotta write about what’s in your head.

At the moment, it’s slings. I’ve got a couple that I’ve been playing with and for once I’ve not had to spend too much money (which is a blessing with several home projects on the go).

Rich from The Reptile House Blog was kind enough to donate a sling to me for the TacBelts UK comparison with its spiritual predecessor (the PIG Drop Slider) As well as a nearly new Ferro Slingster on route from @coldharbour_858 (worth a follow if you like gear/cats/edc).

And the latest one being the subject of this review, the BFG “One” VCAS Two Point Sling. The exception being that instead of this being a personal purchase, this is actually one that I’d recommended to a colleague (Steve) who amongst his other hobbies regularly shoots .22lr semi-auto and .308 centre-fire bolt action.

His requirements were that he didn’t want to spend silly money but wanted a tough and well made two point that he could use as a brace whilst shooting when standing, it had to be durable and also lack unnecessary bulk. I sent him the way of Tactical Kit to look through their list of slings and had also previously recommended he looks at Garand Thumb’s YouTube channel for inspiration as it was essential to look at how he was using and mounting the sling before deciding on the sling itself.

We looked at his Smith and Wesson M&P15/22 and the best option appeared to be by using the included MLOK rail to mount a QD point with the rear of the sling mounted directly to the Magpul MOE SL Stock on the rear of his rifle. Much alike the above set up by Garand Thumb himself.

It’s not a method I use myself, I much prefer using H&K hooks to CQD sling mounts on the castle nut and rear end of the rail. A noisier but very tough solution.

However… this isn’t my rifle and it’s also for a different application than I’m used to. After looking at various options such as offered by Ferro, 5.11/Viking Tactics, Haley, BFG and LBT he settled on this one. I can’t say It was the first one I’d recommended, but as I said… Not my rifle and not my money.

I managed to grab some hands on time with the sling and compared it to it’s big brother, the Vickers Padded VCAS. I’ve had the Padded VCAS for a couple of years now and it is currently my “go to” when it comes to two point slings.

My first concern with it’s smaller brother was that they might have cheaped out in certain areas such as hardware or fabric, I was relieved to see that they’ve continued using their own proprietary sliders and buckles. Usually, proprietary is a pain in the ass but with some manufacturers it’s a blessing. BFG make some decent hardware and despite being abused for a couple of years my original Vickers sling isn’t showing any noticeable marks or damage… just a little faded.

On first impressions I was struck by how thin the sling is, it’s certainly not one for carrying a fully kitted out rifle on a long mission. However it’s thin design is pretty good if your looking to use it with a Sub-Gun or lightweight carbine, it’s lack of padding offers an ultra low profile option compared to either the padded VCAS or even its unpadded brother.

The sling is much alike it’s bigger brother in function, the two ends being left open to be used with your choice of mounting system. The main portion having the same sliding adjustment method as it’s bigger brother means that if you’re using this alongside a similar set up you’ll be familiar with its operation. Simply pull forward on the toggle to release it to the full length and pull the toggle rearwards to cinch it tight again.

The webbing is that same chunky webbing as seen on the bigger VCAS sling, and despite my earlier feelings about it being prone to fraying I’m yet to see a tuft or mark appear on either sling.

That Blue Force Gear heat transfer label you see positioned oh so carefully in IG snaps is present on the inside of the sling, the one on my Padded sling having lifted off many moons ago. It’s a pretty cool label but in truth it’s adding nothing to the slings abilities and if your buying slings purely for the label then maybe you need to count to ten before buying anything at all.

The overall build is near faultless in my opinion, if your looking for a branded sling to suit a lighter or smaller build I couldn’t recommend this more. It’s not a sling for those long rural games but paired with a Sub-Gun or a shotty I reckon this would be a fantastic option.

To summarise, when it comes to slings there are a massive amount of options. There’s a lot of good and bad options out there, the one key thing I’d say is to make sure that the sling always outperforms yourself and the activity you’re using it for… I use the Die Hard analogy… I’d want to be able to use it as a short section to pull myself into an air duct 😂.

If you push beyond the envelope of your gear, that’s when things break. If something breaks and it’s the only thing keeping your £600 toy from snapping in half then make sure you choose carefully… If it’s an actual firearm, be doubly careful.

Would I buy this myself? Yes, undeniably this is a great sling for a light or compact weapon. I think on a subgun such as a CZ Scorpion or MP5 (fixed stock variants especially) this sling would be in it’s element but for the majority of what I’m doing or carrying it’s not a contender to it’s bigger brother. A great sling nonetheless and certainly one to consider for the low profile, high speed guys.

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