Anatomy Of A SEAL Team Loadout – Part 2 (Variations On A Theme)

I could have simply amended the previous SEAL Team Anatomy but the show is throwing up so many different options and combinations that a new article made more sense, plus it would have required a rewrite and this covers more than simply Jason’s loadout.

SEAL Team has now wrapped for its second season, a third has just been confirmed at this point (due later this year) and given its popularity over the globe it’d be tough to argue a case against renewal for a fourth… Let’s just hope they don’t mess too much with the formula.

Along with the additional episodes, there has also been a surge in the use of social media for the cast and crew of SEAL Team that has gifted us with valuable insight on the gear used and the efforts taken to ensure the actors look, move and sound like SEALs.

Probably the biggest benefactor of information is the relatively recent @bravoteamgear IG account which regularly posts snaps of the hardware and nylon used within the show. I’m not going to lie, you’ll see a lot of images from that account on this article, and it’s certainly made compiling this article a lot easier than the first two.

But simply posting a good picture doesn’t help much when it’s not accompanied by information about the item being displayed, I’ve tried to elaborate on the pictures and tags but a lot of it has been knowledge passed on in conversations.

This article has taken literally months of dipping in and scrutinising both the show itself and also the various stills and shots taken by the cast and crew and as mentioned, the collective knowledge of the community.

What you’ll see here is the pulling together of all the information that I’ve got my hands on and trying to structure it so that if you were looking to build a SEAL Team loadout or can’t find what your looking for here, you could flirt between this and the other two articles (SEAL Team Loadout Part One and The Armoury Of SEAL Team).

I don’t claim to know everything and I know there are gaps, what I will say is that the whole blog series is evolving and the gaps are being filled. So without further waffling, I’ll break down some of the additions seen in the later episodes and social media content along with bits I’ve not covered before…


For most of the action scenes the helmet of choice is the Ops-Core Maritime, however in recent months the use of Team Wendy helmets has been apparent, although certainly not as common as the Ops-Core stalwarts.

In addition to this, an easy to miss item is the Ops-Core bump helmet sported in at least one episode by Clay. Why it was chosen over a Ballistic Maritime I don’t know, but having been seen in the show it’s now a legit addition to the gear list.

Soft hats are playing more and more of a role in the series, sometimes in missions where you’d assume a ballistic helmet would have been more suited. However, casting reality aside… Boonies and bandanas look cool and offer as much protection as a Kevlar lid when it comes to Airsoft… I’m not a massive fan of helmets so the soft hat option is what I’d usually opt for.


SEAL Team CBS has always pushed the boat out when it comes to its gear, season two sees a marked expansion on the gear and clothing used by Bravo Team. From their casual use of sports and company branding in the characters personal wardrobes to the tactical gear on mission, each character has their own individual flair on their apparel.

In the characters downtime we see several different Tees and hats from companies such as Bison Union, Spartan Village and The Philadelphia Flyers.

The team wears customised gear quite often both on and off mission, their “Cerberus” embroidered hats being prominently worn by most of Bravo. I was hoping that something similar might be made available through official channels (there’s certainly a market for it),but only a few items heavily branded “SEAL Team CBS” seem to be made available… Not really what I’m after. However as you might have seen, other businesses have started to offer this design on Multicam and Multicam Black flex fit caps.

In the second deployment of Season 2 we see Bravo Team working closely with the Cuerpo de Infantería de Marina, something not completely outside the realms of reality as the War on Drugs has often been a joint US effort with their host nations.

The uniforms are LBX Assaulters Uniforms in the Caiman pattern with Black tactical gear, the Caiman pattern being a stand in for the Marina Trans Jungle (MTJ) pattern that was developed from the US4CES Transitional pattern that is restricted to just the Mexican Marines (and therefore unavailable to the show).

Their choice of Caiman is different enough to allow the viewer to understand that they’re not in their regular gear and working alongside the Marines, it also happens to have been developed by the same company that developed the MTJ pattern.

As for the Plate Carriers used in these missions… Up until the blogs publishing it remained a mystery to me, luckily an eagle eyed reader (JJ Actual) pointed me in the direction of the Mayflower/Velocity Systems APC…

I’d previously thought I’d hit jackpot with one of the other Velocity Systems Carriers (The Scarab) but although I was on the right track, I’d obviously scanned past the APC too quickly on my search.

In season two we also see a real push to explore Crye’s newer Multicam patterns such as Black, Tropic and most recently in greater detail… Arid. I’ve not seen it yet, but Alpine must be on the cards for season 3…. Let’s pray for snow.

Belt Line

Bravo are not adverse to carrying a wide range of tactical goodies on their belt line, The Crye MRB is the current belt of choice for most of the team and I’ve yet to see anything else being used on their “Direct Action” set ups.

The pouches used are incredibly varied depending on the character, I’ll not go into specifics but a few repeat offenders keep coming up… ACS Industries Frag Grenade Pouches, S&S Precision Skeletonised Magazine Retention (SMR) Pouches and LBT Blowout Pouches all feature often across many of the teams belt kits.

Jason has also taken to wearing what looks like a Crye 5.56 ammo Pouch on his belt line as well as the usual complement of holster, frag and blowout pouches.

The other prominently seen item on all the guys belt line is a retention lanyard, there’s many to choose from and they all do much the same thing, however I’ve had a massive trawl through images and it appears to be the Yate 556 Personal Retention Lanyard, mostly with a simple looped end and the captive eye carabiner on the open end.

The only other low profile belt I’ve seen isn’t easily IDed from what we’ve seen, I’ve seen but a generic Cobra buckled slick belt would do for an impression. It’s likely that it’s the same belt that Bravo use as an outer with their MRBs.


Commonly seen as far as holsters go is the modern day classic that is the Safariland 6354do. Bravo have a mixture, some for the Glock 19 and others for the 17, generally the non light-bearing version with its signature Multicam Fabric wrap, however there are other holsters being used more and more by Bravo…

The Safariland 6378 appears to be used by a couple of guys on the on the team, always wrapped though with a fabric cover (Multicam and AOR1/Digital Desert have both been seen).

Matbock is credited with the actual gear wrap used in the show, but a more common alternative is Gearskin which in many other countries might be an easier to source option. Matbock also provide wraps for other bits of gear such as optics and surveillance gear… As seen here on the teams spotting scope/rangefinder/designator seen below.

Other holsters in use have often been provided by RDR Gear, I can’t confirm that all the Kydex used in the show are indeed from that company but it seems that a lot are either Safariland models or built to order from RDR Gear… I’ve yet to see any evidence that any other businesses provide holsters to the show.

The below holster for Tyler Grey’s Maxim 9 Sidearm is still a mystery to me but until I hear otherwise I’ll assume it’s one of the ones RDR Gear made for them, but given that he’s a lefty he may have his own go-to supplier for custom holsters (as most of us lefties do).

On a side note it’s nice to have a left handed shooter present on screen for once!

The uniqueness doesn’t end with just the holsters, the attachments appear to be S&S Precision Gear Retention Tracks (Of a similar design used in their weaponlink retention devices) with GRT Holster Extenders and Trifecta Connecta Safariland adaptors to allow their holsters to be mounted in much the same way as a Safariland UBL/QLS would be used.

I’ve not tried this set up as I’m firmly a fan of the Safariland UBL but the only advantage I can see is that it’s a higher mounting position than that of a UBL… Helping move the pistol out of the way of your thigh if/when mobility is key.

Plate Carriers And Chest Rigs

There is a bit of diversity in the carriers being used as Season 2 wraps up, Carriers from the likes of Velocity Systems are being used with Jason’s plate carrier migrating on at least one instance from his usual AVS to a Velocity Systems Scarab. The AVS might not be as comfortable to jump in as say a Scarab or JPC/2.0 (another rarely seen but used Plate Carrier) but I can’t comment much on that, like with most of the gear choices it’s left to us to work out why it’s been chosen.

His set up remains mostly unchanged… 3 x PMags in an open top pouch, his signature Emerson Government Mule Knife in it’s sprayed Kydex sheath tucked in the cummerbund, Full colour US flag and PRC152 tucked into a Crye MBITR/7.62 Pouch with a U94 v2 PTT plugged into either Peltor Comtacs or for the low profile loadouts, an in ear covert earpiece.

I don’t usually get too hung up on comms, genuine gear is either very expensive or just not available. Repro gear is often incorrect or doesn’t work very well, for the purposes of an impression though, most in-ear systems would work in this type of load out to achieve the effect.

The pattern used on the Velocity stuff is interesting though, Digital Desert which bears a passing resemblance to MARPAT Desert and AOR1. Maybe this is an intentional choice to reflect Jason’s character, maybe it’s product placement… In this day and age, it could be both.

Spiritus Systems get in on the Plate Carrier action too, Brock wearing their Overt Carrier in AOR1 on one or two missions, prominently in the passenger jet siege mission (S2E11 “Backwards in High Heels”) where Bravo take down a commercial airliner with the “help” of some regiment lads.

He’s also partial to the JPC 2.0 which can be seen here displaying plenty of wear and what I’m pretty sure is a pre-production prototype of Crye’s elastic triple mag placard which he’s been wearing since season one (gotta be some perks to being Caleb Crye’s buddy 😂).

Another addition is the Mayflower R&C/Velocity Systems back panel (version 1), something I’ve actually owned in the past. A nice panel with space for a large hydration reservoir and NVGs alongside a removable blow out pouch, perfect for storage of NVGs and Medical gear… I wish I still had one to review, definitely one on my “regret selling list”.

An AOR1 Spiritus GP Pouch sits below Jason’s right arm which in itself is a fantastic pouch to add to a modular combat loadout, it’s effectively a S.A.C.K. but with a MOLLE compatible rear.

For the low profile covert and reconnaissance missions, Bravo Team wear mostly the Spiritus Systems Micro Fight Light Chest Rig, the colours do vary a little but you couldn’t go wrong with the Wolf Grey rig Jason Hayes chooses.

Some of the jungle missions see Multicam Tropic and Ranger Green versions also being worn but the iconic Bravo set up repeatedly sported from season one until the end of season two is Wolf Grey rigs with a flannel shirt and jeans.

The Spiritus SACK also makes an appearance on both their Crye AVS Plate Carriers and Spiritus Systems chest rigs in various colours, a great addition and in my opinion the best dangler pouch on the market at present.

Disappointingly there’s still a mountain of gear that’s proving difficult to ID and as always I’ll update this as and when new information is made available to me.

The key bits I can’t pin down are the odd pouches like those worn on Sonny’s CPC, they look like BlueForceGear SAW pouches but they have a very much rounded profile compared to all the official catalogue pictures I’ve seen. Jackets are also a tough one for me… I’m not much of a jacket guy and it takes a real geardo to spot some of them. I know the Arc’Teryx Atom has featured alongside the iconic Wild Things Tactical Low Loft SO 1.0 mid layer, but detailing each and every jacket is something I’ll undoubtedly need a few pointers with.


The one topic that I get asked about on a near daily basis… Spartan Village are the guys producing the actual laser cut goodness for the show, unfortunately for us mere mortals the design is their intellectual property and they have been known to order “cease and desist” notices for anyone seen offering that design on a retail product. You’re able to find repros on eBay but you have to be incredibly lucky to find a genuine one or be offered one from someone on the show.

I did manage to get a few different patches made up before this all kicked off, I won’t mention who as all that’ll happen is that his inbox will be flooded with requests for SEAL Team patches and he’s already made it very clear that he’s unwilling to produce more due to the design being someone’s intellectual property. Unfortunate but understandable, I’ve also managed to grab some from eBay with some basic searches.

Sonny seems to be the team’s patch whore… several of his patches have created a cool and unique looking the character, my personal favourite being the Texas/Cerberus mash up.

Good luck replicating it, I know of one or two repros floating about but it’s going to be unique do to its difficulty in manufacturing and the aforementioned IP ownership… I happen to have one grabbed from a random eBay seller and it’s great, I’ve yet to see another of the same design though.

Rucks And Load Carriage

One of the more interesting things to come out of season 2 is the sheer amount of load carriage being shown, there’s a lot of personal choice being reflected in the packs being used. Jason using mainly LBT and Crye with Sonny and Clay preferring Mystery Ranch.

An assortment of Arc’Teryx, Velocity Systems and the aforementioned Crye, LBT and Mystery Ranch being used by most members of Bravo Team both whilst either “on the ground” or as personal luggage when heading out on deployment.

Call me a cynic but there’s as much brand placement at work here as there is genuine insight into what DEVGRU is actually using, I’m not against it though. The choices remain a solid option and I can’t see any of these being an unrealistic option for the tier one unit. It’s also showcasing some awesome bits of gear, Providing more than a few reasons to justify another tactical gear purchase.

A final note, this isn’t an exhaustive list… rather an ongoing look at what these guys are using in the show, it’s basically a playground for the guys behind the scenes to stick in some extremely cool gear, many of the choices might not be strictly accurate or certainly not current for DEVGRU but it doesn’t detract from the fact that SEAL Team has put arguably more effort into using high end kit than any other show on TV ever has.

I’d like to quickly say thank you to all those who have helped in creating this latest addition to the SEAL Team blog series, Rich from The Reptile House Blog especially… There’s more than a couple of bits of kit here that he’s provided identification and insight on, without asking for recognition but because he’s just that type of guy.

Also the below IG accounts have proved invaluable in gathering the required information, definitely worth a follow if you’re a SEAL Team fan:

Bravo Team Gear

Tyler Grey

Justin Melnick

David Boreanaz

Neil Brown Jr

AJ Buckley

Max Theriot


Mark Semos

5 thoughts on “Anatomy Of A SEAL Team Loadout – Part 2 (Variations On A Theme)

  1. SAW pouches seen on Sonny’s CPC are;

    2x MOLLE SAW Ammunition Pouch, 5.56mm, 100 Round Capacity, NSN 8465-01-532-2397 (Coyote Brown)

    This is based on research of the numerous pictures of Sonny throughout the 3 seasons where he consistently uses a 100 box mag for the Mk46 Mod 1. It’s likely that he’ll be carrying 2x extra 100 round box mags or could carry extra rifle magazines for the team if required.

    The dimensions of the 100 round pouch (approx 6” h x 5” w x 3” d) when 2 are placed side by side = the 10″(+/- mm) which is the correct width of the AVS front panel.

    The pouches are readily available online in the US (army surplus stores), and some have been sold in the UK (Amazon / surplus stores), with prices ranging from a paltry £10 – £30.

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