Sling Review: TacBelts UK Minimalist Sling (Multicam Arid)

So where did the idea for this purchase first come from? Well, if truth be told… I’m easily led and generally if something gains enough traction, I’ll probably end up as part of the hype train too.

Mr “Obi Wan Nairobi” caused quite a stir when he decided to go full “John Wick” against Al Shabab, and as such it brought him and his gear into the spotlight.

“Obi Wan Nairobi”
Picture Credit: The Reptile House

The one thing I did take away from reading The Reptile House’s breakdown of his load out (read it here), was the rather unique looking sling he was using. At first glance it looked like an old school cargo strap, duct tape and paracord home made effort (a’la OG Delta Force era Larry Vickers), but it soon became clear that this was indeed a Frank Proctor Shooting designed “Way Of The Gun” sling.

Tokyo Marui MWS with Ferro Concepts Slingster and Vortex Strikefire II

I wasn’t actually that interested in the sling until very recently, the Ferro Concepts Slingster (reviewed here) giving me everything I wanted from a low profile sling. However, it’s good to change things up and after a brief chat with TacBelts UK and The Reptile House about the design during a recent game, I couldn’t resist fitting one of TacBelts UK’s “WOTG” inspired designs to my ultra modern build.

A disclaimer before we get into the sling itself, I know Andy from TacBelts UK very well. I literally share a table with him at our usual site, Spartan Airsoft. I’ve also reviewed a number of his products before which only due to his attention to detail and the products being incredibly well made along with his faultless customer service, have also received positive reviews.

An item is only ever reviewed on its own merits though, and be under no illusion… There are things I don’t like about this sling. Just so you know where we are though, this product was paid for by myself and I’m under no obligation or direction to provide a review (positive or otherwise), so just be aware that there is that personal relationship between me and the manufacturer and take from that whatever you will.

Andy (Left), Some random dude in the middle 😉 and myself (Right) last Spring

The minimalist sling at its core is a length adjustable section of 1” webbing, with a corded loop at either end. Plastic hardware and a bit of fancy tailoring and craftsmanship round off what is at first glance, a rather simple looking bit of kit.

To fit the sling, simply disconnect one of the corded ends from the webbing and loop the cord around on itself where you’d like your rear sling section to be mounted. Cinch it tight, and then use the rubber-like tubing to keep the loop firmly in place.

Mounted the the stock of a Tokyo Marui MP7

After that it’s a simple case of finding a second position to mount the sling at the front (no need to remover the cord this time), and then repeat the process before reattaching the corded hardware back onto the webbing itself.

Utilising the front mount of a Tokyo Marui MP7, a perfect match.

You’ll want to adjust the webbing, to allow for a short section to fit against your shoulder. Without this vital part, the sling will rub excessively when being cinched and released, causing discomfort and a marked decrease in the effectiveness of the sling. Once it’s adjusted to your needs, simply pulling on the short strap attached to the tri-glide will cinch up the sling, close to the wearers body. Pulling the strap rearwards will release the strap, making it easier to move the weapon around.

Lean And Built For CQB

The action of the sling is in direct contrast to the Ferro Slingster design, but even a Ferro fanboy like me can quickly adapt to the Minimalist Slings quirky little details.

The hardware is all plastic, this has the added benefit of being incredibly light, quiet and also impervious to the heat and cold of different environments.

The webbing (in this instance) is genuine licenced 1” Multicam Arid, chosen as it fits the look of my recently put together “Mini URG-I”. TacBelts usually stock a pretty large range of colours, from the whole Multicam family to other rather difficult to source patterns such as AOR1/2 or more subdued options like Black, Tan or Ranger Green.

Laser etched TacBelts UK logo on the triglide/handle section.

The corded loop on each end is 3.2mm Paracord, rated to far greater loads than you’ll ever need it to be. I did briefly trial out some Technora cord loops, but the ultra slippy space age material didn’t offer any improvement over the standard cord.

So, what benefits did I see to this design over a Slingster or other modern 2 point sling? Well, it’s incredibly light and low profile. Not once did it feel like the sling was getting in the way which is a problem (although a minor and workable one) I seem to find with even the Slingster.

Slings will always be a compromise, a balance of holding the weapon securely and comfortably but not getting in the way. An unslung weapon will be much easier to move around, that’s not opinion… It’s physics. But what the Slingster does well, the Minimalist design does even better.

So what are it’s drawbacks? Well, it is rather thin and therefore could be uncomfortable to use on extended walkabouts. Where the Slingster or VCAS has a padded section, the Minimalist Sling has nothing. For CQB and for light weapons such as PDWs, Subguns or short lightweight carbines, this sling works incredibly well though.

I’d also like to see a little less cord on my next one, like half as long. Whilst there is a benefit to having a longer cord section on your sling, I think half the length would be sufficient for most of my replicas and would offer a little more range in length adjustment when cinching the weapon tight against you (although you’d need to have enough to actually mount the sling).

Tokyo Marui MWS with Minimalist Sling (Trialled with adjustment reversed)

As with most things, this sling has areas where it excels and other areas where another option might be better. That’s not to take anything away from this particular sling but more an observation regarding accessories in general, everything you place into a weapon adds value in some areas and takes it away from others.

The Tokyo Marui MP7 with Minimalist Sling fitted

Would I recommend it? Yes, but only for those looking for an incredibly low profile sling for a compact and relatively light weapon. For those looking for a padded yet still low profile sling, the Ferro Concepts Slingster still remains my number one recommendation for all round sling applications.

Mk46 Mod 0 with Ferro Concepts Slingster

On a side note, the TacBelts UK Minimalist Sling makes an unexpectedly good camera strap. The thin cord attachment points almost disappear (allowing unrestricted access to the controls), whilst the light and adjustable strap is a marked improvement from practically every strap I’ve seen on the market.

Unconventional but damn useful as a camera strap.

To get hold of one for yourself, ping Andy at TacBelts UK a message on either his facebook or his Instagram account below.

Facebook: Tacbelts UK

Instagram: @tacbelts_uk

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