Tokyo Marui Online Event Winter 2020

Every year we wait with anticipation, hoping that this might be the year that Tokyo Marui cave in and build that GBBR or NGRS MP5, and every year we end up with something boring, something we didn’t ask for and without fail, something in a new colour.

Bear in mind that I don’t speak Japanese, so some of the following might not be correct. However, I’ve taken the time to watch Tokyo Marui’s latest announcement (Tokyo Marui Online – Pt 3) so that you don’t have to.

For those who want to look for themselves, check out the link below.

It’s 40 minutes of the over-excited Tokyo Marui marketing guy talking to his imaginary Anime friend, and occasionally a breadcrumb of news about upcoming releases.

It’s likely that I’ve missed one or two points, so expect Hyperdouraku or Impulse101 to provide some information to fill the gaps shortly.

Edit: It didn’t take long… click here for Hyperdouraku’s analysis.

First up, this little teaser:

The trigger soon gave it away to those watching closely that it was likely a black version of their recent Vorpal Bunny 1911, a model that was made in limited numbers and only in pink. Not based on any firearm in particular (rather a sidearm from a little known anime in Japan), its interest will be limited to say the least.

Although having said this, I believe the few that were imported into the U.K. sold out very quickly.

The model number AM.45 which it shares with its pink… Sister? Can we say that? Did I just assume a pistol’s gender?

Not really much else that i can say about the Vorpal Bunny aside from that it has an ambidextrous safety and is based upon the older Detonics design, not the newer V10 Ultra Compact, which is a bit of a shame as I think it will not be remembered for either its performance or it’s charm…

Will it sell in Black? Well, for the relatively higher price of circa £220, I doubt it, certainly not when you see what else is on the horizon.

Next up? Well I’m embarrassed that I didn’t spot this before, I assumed it would be some new fancy Pistol Caliber Carbine, but my other “RESIDENT EVIL” guess was closer to the mark…

A recoloured version of their VZ61 Mod. M Skorpion Electric Compact Machine Gun, It’s in FDE but the differences end there, a rather underwhelming release and one that I doubt anyone was hoping for.

It doesn’t look horrific though, in fact a GBB version might actually be tempting. But I honestly can’t see queues forming for this one, certainly not with the average performance offered in a mini AEG design.

Now onto the bigger release, the one that had a fair amount of promise:

The twin offset rail bolts that didn’t prove difficult to work out for those in the know…

The URG-I or Upper Receiver Group – Improved, erroneously named by Marui as the “URG-I SOPMOD Block 3”.

It’ll undeniably do well, despite the base build being easy to replicate with a single aftermarket rail such as HAO’s Geissele Mk16 rail. (Reviewed here) but the sun will never set on the laziness of airsoft eras, and as such, I think TM have a winner on their hands with this model.

“Block3” I can almost hear the impressionists seething with rage

Although I can’t be certain due to the lack of English translation, it’s almost certainly a NGRS Recoil based replica, and uses the commonality of parts to it’s benefit.

Using the same decade old NGRS SOPMOD receiver, stock, magazine and pistol grip, adding the Surefire four prong flash hider and FDE KAC front BUIS from their Mk18 series and seemingly only adding a Mk16 type rail, ACH style charging handle and Matech rear sight to the box is a ballsy move, but people are usually wiling to pay extra for what can be achieved with a little hard work at a lower cost.

The newly announced TM URG-I NGRS, that I’ve seen being used for the last 12 months by those with access to a Torx set and a credit card.

It’s sadly lacking any unique features such as a newer type of pistol grip or even controls. The ACH is sure to be a popular addition, but it does lack a number of other features that would make it a real show-stopper. A Maritime style bolt release and different furniture would have given NGRS builders something else to consider… But on the balance, this will be popular enough without any extras anyway. I only hope that they follow HAO’S design and not Angry Gun’s, a QD point that doesn’t work would surely bring shame onto the Japanese manufacturers.

There was a rather expected addition to their line up in the recoloured, black V10 Ultra Compact. An easy to guess decision and one that I think will sell rather well.

Despite the real Springfield V10 Ultra Compact only being made in a Stainless Steel finish, I think the black will prove popular with those wanting a high performance compact carry 1911.

An unexpected announcement however, is the release of a new pistol weapon light. A shameless copy of Surefire’s XC1 Compact weaponlight, Although not really a great copy overall. As much as it might appeal to some, Marui don’t have a stellar reputation with their lights and optics, so I’ll kindly pass up on this one.

There were a number of updates to already teased designs, with the S&W M&P Bodyguard .380 and Ruger LCP “Compact Carry Gas Gun” series now having a live action teaser, with more information on their functionality and an insight into their performance being shown within the video.

The first trailer shows a little corporate espionage, a young lady deciding that stealing mini glow sticks is her way to a better life. After being engaged by Glock wielding security guards, she punches her way out the lab with her trusty NBB Bodyguard 380.

The trailer shows a magazine reload, indicating a relatively well proportioned magazine and not an internal gas reservoir, with a stick mag as per early NBB models. The sound is rather underwhelming, but I suspect it won’t be quiet enough for sneaky stealth kills.

The pace of the second trailer proves difficult to capture, but you can see here the blond heroine fighting her way out of a warehouse.

The LCP gets a more secret agent type trailer, with a sultry blonde changing out of her red dress, into something… More tactical.

A shame… a red dressed assassin fight scene would have probably sold it to me, but i doubt I’m the target market for sub-compact NBB pistols anyway.

There is still no news on the GBBR AKM, but with a part four to be announced soon, hopefully the previously teased 2020 release might still happen. As soon as I know, you’ll know too.

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