Tokyo Marui Teasers April 2021

Sometimes, less is more. You don’t need to hint at 5 new releases when there is only one thing that everyone wants to see…

“Yippee Ki Yay, Marui lover”

After waiting and waiting weeks and weeks for a release date for the GBBR AKM, what do Marui go and do? Yeah, they ambush us with something truly lust-worthy by releasing this sneaky peek;

That, ladies and gentlemen… That is a Navy lower for an MP5.

It’s not a G36, and it’s not one of the other few H&K rifles that look similar, but not exactly the same. The safety marking in white is in that location on the MP5, on most other H&K rifles it sits further up, unless it’s a ‘53… and fuck it, I’d buy one of those as well anyway.

Clockwise from top left; MP5, G36c, H&K G53, Magic German Space Gun (AKA G11)

It also looks like it’s a rather matt finish compared to Marui’s older MP5s… A blessing to be honest, as they weee never the best in overall looks and ended up as a shiny bit of plastic in short order.

My old TM AEG, god I wanted to love it… But it never lived up to my expectations.

Could it be the NGRS (Next Generation Recoil Shock) that people have been waiting Marui to make for over a decade? Could it be the first GBB MP5 that’s actually not a disappointment? (I’m looking at you VFC, WE doesn’t know any better).

Could it be a Boys (Smaller scale AEG for the Japanese market) or Resident Evil model?

The answer is; we just don’t know.

Oh no Marui, What is you doin’?

But we will… On the 23rd of April at 11am GMT (20:00 Tokyo), Marui will give us a few more answers to the questions we all have.

  • What platform will it be?
  • Which model MP5 will it be?
  • Can I slap it like it owes me money?
  • Will that mad fucker Marui Promo man finally bang his Anime girlfriend?
Perverts even by my own shocking standards.

Hopefully we’ll get a few answers to at least 3 of the above questions, but don’t expect a 2021 release… Marui tend to have a 18/24 month gap between first tease and release. With the way things are at the moment, it could be even longer.

Oh, and there’s also a Glock being teased…

I’m literally throwing guesses at this one, half because they all look the same to my untrained eye, secondly because… It’s a Glock. Not groundbreaking, unless it’s RMR cut.

Which Glock and what platform, I don’t know. It could be AEP or GBB, it’s likely not a NBB or springer, although never say never.

As for the model? Possibly a Gen 5, but I wouldn’t have a clue as to which model. A 17 or 19 seems unlikely, given that they’ve released one of each within the last 2 years. An updated 26 would be welcomed, as would a 43 or other as yet unreleased model.

If I had to put my money on it, a 43X or one of the Gen 5 models would be my particular guess. If it’s RMR cut, I’ll buy it no matter the model.

More news as it comes on Saturday… But for now, I leave you with an idea of how awesome this could be…

Sorry, wrong folder… This is what I meant to post;

I know… It’s an SEF lower, but an MP5 is still an MP5!

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