Marui Livestream Bingo

We’re all awaiting this Fridays big livestream, waiting to see what Marui delivers and praying that it won’t be a rushed product, but the MP5 that we really deserve.

From Marui’s own teaser last week, to the whoopsie where ARMS Magazine appeared to confirm that this will indeed be a NGRS MP5A5. There’s still a lot of speculation about what’s going to happen this Friday at 11:00 GMT.

The ARMS Magazine Editor committing ritual Sudoku to balance out the dishonour and shame he’s brought upon the airsoft publication industry.

Will it have a working stop on empty feature? Will you be able to slap it like it owes you money? Will it have some shit feature like battery mags? We just don’t know.

I have a list in my head (as do many of you) as to what I really want, but there’s always a surprise or two on Marui’s live events.

One thing we can mostly be sure of, is that this will almost certainly be an NGRS MP5. A grovelling apology from ARMS Magazine went out today, confirming the leak was genuine:

“Tokyo Marui Apologies for the leak of unreleased new product information

Dear customers We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your continued support. A part of Tokyo Marui’s unreleased new product information, which was scheduled to be announced at “Marfes ONLINE 4” delivered from 20:00 on April 23 (Friday), will be published on the cover of the June 2021 issue of Arms Magazine. , Information leaked earlier than the event.
This is a serious error caused by the inadequate information management of this editorial department, and it is an act of betraying the confidentiality agreement with Tokyo Marui, and we will take measures to prevent such a thing from happening again. ..
We deeply apologize for the inconvenience caused to Tokyo Marui, all the people concerned, and the users who were looking forward to the event. For information on new products not announced by Tokyo Marui, please continue to watch “Marfes ONLINE 4” which will be delivered from 20:00 on April 23 (Friday). Hobby Japan Co., Ltd.

Arms Magazine Editorial Department
Editor-in-chief Kazuhisa Aono”

As a bit of entertainment, I thought we could play a little game of bingo whilst we watch it. I’ve included the features that many of us want, but also a few that we don’t.

I hope you enjoy playing, and I’ll follow up on Friday as soon as I can, with a breakdown of what I can decipher from their video.