Marui Online 23/4/21 MarFes: Breakdown

Small disclaimer: Much of the information within this article is subject to become wrong or out of date as time goes by. Marui don’t tend to change much, but release dates can be pushed back (as was the case with the original MWS (pushed back over two years from its planned release date) and the GBBR AKM (scheduled for a late 2020 release).

No news on the SIG P320 or GBBR AKM, but I’m sure we’ll see more on these two particular models in the near future. as for the Glock, it’s a Glock 19 Gen 4. This in effect is just a reframing and remarking of their Glock 19 Gen 3, nothing to get excited about really.


It does point towards an upcoming extended range of new Glock models from Marui though, hopefully RMR cut slides will be part of their future plans. There’s also a live fire demo of the new .380 Bodyguard, which is about as exciting as watching old people fuck.

So what did we learn?

Well, it’s confirmed that their next big release is going to be an MP5A5 and it’s also confirmed to be a Next-Generation Recoil Shock.

I’ll give you a list of things that were mentioned, but bear in mind that this is all translated information through a friend who lives in Tokyo: there’s a chance that something was list in translation and/or we’ve mistaken something said as fact when it’s only hypothetical.

“1/1 Scale sizing” – Both gun and magazine supposedly will mimic the dimensions of the real MP5A5. This could mean a number of things… From fully 1/1 scale with the ability to use real accessories such as Surefire handguards and genuine H&K Optic mounts, through to “outline scale” such as some previous Tokyo Marui releases. I’m hoping for something as close to real size as possible, a thinner grip than found on other AEGs and the ability to mount a real Surefire handguard would be awesome, as well as other aftermarket grips such as the Midwest Industries M-LOK handguard.

If I close my eyes, I can almost smell the Iranian embassy.

“All New Design” – A lot of the talking in the three videos indicated that this MP5 has been developed from the ground up, using no parts or features from previous Airsoft MP5 designs. A lot of the following features and parts could be proprietory or use unconventional Marui parts such as the Mk46’s use of AA12 bearings and an AEP hop rubber.

Try getting aftermarket bits for this, ya bastards.

“New polymer” – boasting a look, feel and strength that comes close to the real MP5. This could be a insight of things to come… Marui’s plastic has steadily improved through the years, their newer pistols are certainly better than those models made a decade ago. If Marui are looking to make more modern firearms, a realistic and strong plastic is essential.

“Integrated ECU/MOSFET” – Something that’s been used in limited Marui releases before, the Mk46 Mod. 0 in particular makes extensive use of its electronic system to control firing and some of the controls and safeties.

“Sector Gear Sensor and Active Braking” – Both of these phrases were used within the description of the new firing system, along with “New Trigger” and “Reset to Pre-cock”. You can infer a few things from those phrases, mostly that the built in ECU is rather extensive in its abilities, making use of technology and features that up until now have only been seen in aftermarket upgrades such as Gate’s Titan or BTC’s Spectre ECUs. It’s possible that it’ll have cycle completion if it’s got pre-cocking, how the user will reset it is a mystery for now, hopefully we’ll have this and a few other points clarified in upcoming announcements.

That combovers not fooling anyone – Sandor Clegane

“M System” – this appears to refer to a magnetic fire control system, the selector at least looks to be based upon a magnetic design. Hopefully this will still retain a positive click at each position and be rugged enough to withstand the knocks and bumps you’d be likely to face in game.

No picture of the magic fairy dust… much disappoint.

“Stop on empty” – This same magnetic fore control might also be central to Marui’s stop on empty design. In videos showcased, the gun does not fire when the magazine runs dry.

Resting Asian Kevin Spacey face.

“72 round magazine” – the classic 30 round magazine is said to be a 72 round mid cap, with a 200 round high cap available for the filthy casuals.

“Functional cocking handle” – Once the MP5 runs dry, you will need to pull back and release the charging handle in order to fire from a fresh magazine. In keeping with many MP5 users, the cocking handle can be held to the rear within a notch whilst a magazine is loaded and then slapped down, releasing the bolt forwards to make the gun ready.

Like a booooss…

“3 round burst” – a nice touch, and one that’ll come in handy. Most likely being electronically controlled, it’s unknown if you’ll have to keep the trigger held down for all three shots (as per a real MP5) or if it will run the cycle three times no matter the length of time the trigger is held. I’d hope that it would stop shooting as soon as you release the trigger, I’ve personally “double tapped” someone with my BTC equipped M4 before and when each burst is 3 rounds, it’s rather unpleasant to be on the receiving end.

The final piece of interesting information is that the barrel will not come with a 14mm CCW thread, instead, the replica will come packaged with a tri-lug adaptor which shares the same diameter as the Tokyo Marui tracer unit.

The tri-lug adaptor, seen attached with a Marui tracer unit.

There’s still a lot of questions, parts compatibility will be an obvious question that people have. As will the MP5’s ability to mount real accessories or the future MP5 designs that we’re likely to see.

I know many of you were disappointed to not be getting that GBBR MP5, but as much as I’d love to see Marui focus on gas guns, NGRS remains an area that they’re deeply committed to, and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.

I’m sure we’re going to see a Gas MP5 within a year or so, but take comfort in the fact that we’re soon going to have an MP5 that has haptic feedback, works in all temperatures, doesn’t have a significant ammo penalty and will likely be supported by a large range of high quality parts.

There’s not much negativity to take away from this, I’d go as far as to say it probably couldn’t get much better. It’ll be refreshing to see a bunch of MP5s at Milsim and Airsoft events, the reign of the Mk18 is far from over, but we might see more and more people embrace that German icon..

So what don’t we know? Well there’s no confirmed price or release date, although Marui did say theyd like to get it released “by the end of summer”. Ambitious… Usually it’s 18 months between teaser and release.

Marui will want to get this right before putting it out there, so there’s always a chance it’ll be delayed. The video shows a prototype and they were very careful about what they showed off, I didn’t see the stock being moved about at all, nor did we see much in the way of extended full-auto fire. Despite this being a functioning model, there’s stuff that’ll still need to be worked on pre release and as we saw with the Mk46 Mod.0 dovetail the issues that Marui don’t fix before release will potentially become a barrier to future sales.

There was a reference to Christmas, but this could point as much to a Die Hard reference as it does to a release date. My personal guess? £650 and an Autumn 2022 release date.

And for those of you waiting… The obligatory slap picture.

Tokyo Marui’s original promotional videos can be found on the following links:

And a massive thanks to @tieronejapan_shock for providing some much needed translation, any inaccuracies or bad information is his fault… Nothing at all to do with me (I joke, it’s my blog and my responsibility alone).