Don’t you know that you’re toxic?

Toxicity within airsoft is a common topic for those wanting to put the world to rights and it’s something I’ve tried, and failed, to write about on many occasions. But I finally think I’ve finally managed to find a way to put across how I feel, without actually turning this itself into a toxic rant.... Continue Reading →

Tokyo Marui Online Event Winter 2020

Every year we wait with anticipation, hoping that this might be the year that Tokyo Marui cave in and build that GBBR or NGRS MP5, and every year we end up with something boring, something we didn’t ask for and without fail, something in a new colour. Bear in mind that I don’t speak Japanese,... Continue Reading →

Accessory Review: HAO Geissele REBCG (Ecoline) For Marui ZET/MWS GBBR

I’ve (for the most part) avoided buying internal “upgrades” for my ZET/MWS rifles until recently, mostly because the primary business that’s offering parts for the platform, Angry Gun, appears to think that a photo constitutes a technical drawing and making something “sort of good enough but not really” is actually acceptable. From Ambidextrous selectors and... Continue Reading →

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