Pouch Review: Ferro Concepts Wingman v.2

Micro Rigs... Whilst they're great for providing a small and very high speed ammo carriage option, don't you sometimes wish you had just a little more storage? After more than a couple of months the with the Haley Strategic D3CRM "Micro" (Reviewed Here), it's become apparent that I'm in need of something to carry my... Continue Reading →

Sling Review: Ferro Concepts Slingster

I'm not going to lie... Garand Thumb has been responsible for more than one purchase of mine in the last few years. The guy commands a lot of respect for what he does, and also how he works with companies to provide reviews of the gear and accessories. Maximum transparency, minimal bias. His no-nonsense reviews... Continue Reading →

Pouch Review: Ferro Concepts Dangler

It's a modern classic, a novel idea that combines the convenience of a "Fanny Pack" or Low Pitched Waist Pack such as offered by Eagle Industries or Flyye but with the ability of being hung under the wearers existing body armour or chest rig. "The Dangler" is probably Ferro Concepts most iconic piece of gear...... Continue Reading →

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