The Dave Interview

The hardest part of this interview was actually deciding on what to title it, many will know him from the Maple Leaf Tactical handle he used from the days of his very own content channels, others might simply know him as @Echo27_XRay on Instagram. And let’s not forget his presence on Facebook, where he’s won... Continue Reading →

Replica Review: Tokyo Marui M1911A1

The classic M1911A1, I could spend hours and hours talking about why this pistol is so iconic, From movies and games where this pistol takes centre stage such as Saving Private Ryan and Call Of Duty to the real life events which have carved out a slice of historical immortality for the pistol and those... Continue Reading →

Glove Review: Mechanix Original Gloves (Foliage Green)

It's one of those little oddities that innovation comes from war, throughout history there's a massive amount of technology of which the roots are firmly embedded in our desire to efficiently destroy our neighbours. Sometimes however, Peaceful endeavours throw something back  for the open minded soldier... Mechanix is one of those brands that's so well... Continue Reading →

Anatomy Of A Loadout – 12 Strong

So... 12 Strong... So much potential but ultimately a bit of a flat film. It's a shame as it had the elements of what could have been a great portrayal of the early days of The invasion of Afghanistan in late 2001. First off it's based (Although very loosely) on the true life events of... Continue Reading →

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