The Mark H. Semos Interview

Although I'd suggest to anyone that hasn't visited the blog before that ATRG is mostly about Airsoft, Milsim and the outdoors, the relatively few SEAL Team articles I've written have proved universally popular and given the blog a respectable amount of its overall readership. From my initial thoughts early on with SEAL Team - Worth... Continue Reading →

The Dave Interview

The hardest part of this interview was actually deciding on what to title it, many will know him from the Maple Leaf Tactical handle he used from the days of his very own content channels, others might simply know him as @Echo27_XRay on Instagram. And let’s not forget his presence on Facebook, where he’s won... Continue Reading →

The Geardo Crow Interview

There are a small selection of blogs I read religiously... not many, but a few. Amongst them is a fellow writer whose work I'm sure you'll all have read at some point. The Geardo Crow, A former soldier and long standing member of the Airsoft Community, The Geardo Crow offers a unique insight into the... Continue Reading →

The Ben Webb Interview

Sometimes life can be a funny old thing... One minute you're ranting about how Airsoft Magazines are not living up to their potential, the next you're talking to one of the most respected former editors of Airsoft International (Ai). I'm being modest on his behalf but under Ben's editorship the magazine and its readers enjoyed... Continue Reading →

The Tactical Optician Interview

When approaching people to interview there's always a possibility that they'll say no, it can be for many reasons... They might not like you, your page, the other people you've interviewed or they might simply not want to be in the public eye. So when I asked Andy (There's a lot of Andys knocking about... Continue Reading →

The Backcountry Workshop Interview

A man will go through challenges throughout his whole life, some will define him... Others will break him. Most of these tests are hard to measure, often they go unseen or unspoken. There is however one test amongst others that is measurable and for those those few who have undertaken it, the test will forever... Continue Reading →

The Beefy_Milsim Interview

There are some people who instantly come across as likeable, And having spoken with a few people in the community, One fresh face keeps being mentioned in high regard. Beefy (Or @beefy_milsim as his Instagram is known by. From a past life serving with the Royal Navy's Commando Helicopter Force to a relatively newfound love... Continue Reading →

The TacBelts UK Interview

In the last 7 months or so of writing ATRG I've had the pleasure of speaking to many people within the Airsoft community, Mostly players... Some shop or manufacturing business owners and more than my fair share of fellow content producers. On the whole it's been a great experience and has given me an appreciation... Continue Reading →

The ATRG Confessional

If your curious about me, And where my Airsoft journey has taken me so far then have a look at The Gear Confessional's Interview with myself... And if you've not already, be sure to give him a follow on the blog and his IG @cryemeariver Thanks for the opportunity to purge my sins, I feel... Continue Reading →

The Cryemeariver Interview

You should be very careful about who you talk to online... The online world is a place where men are men, women are men and little girls are FBI agents. Once in a while however, you talk to a kindred spirit, Someone whose experiences draw a familiar parallel to your own... You get talking and... Continue Reading →

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