Sling Review: Ferro Concepts Slingster

I'm not going to lie... Garand Thumb has been responsible for more than one purchase of mine in the last few years. The guy commands a lot of respect for what he does, and also how he works with companies to provide reviews of the gear and accessories. Maximum transparency, minimal bias. His no-nonsense reviews... Continue Reading →

Pouch Review: Esstac Kywi Magazine Pouches

Esstac are not a brand I've known about for a long time, but those in the know have been using their stuff for longer than you'd imagine. Over the last couple of years their profile has boomed, with the acknowledgment of key influencers they've fast become a popular choice for competition shooters and armed professionals... Continue Reading →

Belt Review: LBX Assaulter Belt

For a long long time I was a massive fan of running a "Battle Belt" loadout, but as time has passed my tastes have become much more minimal in nature when it comes to carrying weight on my waist. With the steady improvements in tactical gear over the last decade, its important to reassess what... Continue Reading →

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