Night Vision: Diablo’s Guide For Goons

Night vision is something that regularly pops up in my instagram Q&As, but despite owning my own set of NODs, I’m still what I’d consider to be rather uneducated about the whole deal. Don’t get me wrong, I know what my personal NOD set up can do... I know it’s limitations and I know how... Continue Reading →

The Tactical Optician Interview

When approaching people to interview there's always a possibility that they'll say no, it can be for many reasons... They might not like you, your page, the other people you've interviewed or they might simply not want to be in the public eye. So when I asked Andy (There's a lot of Andys knocking about... Continue Reading →

Laser Review: G&P DBAL A2 (IR/Red Version)

Frickin' Laser Beams... For some it's surplus to requirements, for others still it's a useful aid and for a small few its a necessary addition to their rifle. There's not many things that'll start a hotly contested debate like that regarding the use of lasers in Airsoft. Many sites having restrictions and some sites (Such... Continue Reading →

Sight Review: Holosun HS403C Red Dot

In the land of optics, Aimpoint is certainly King. From the Aimpoint Electronic through to the T1/2 and Comp M2/M4 giving a reliable and accurate option for the last 30 or so years, Which begs the question of where the other sights sit in the house of cards... The Queen? You could say it's Trijicon... Continue Reading →

Anatomy Of A Loadout – 12 Strong

So... 12 Strong... So much potential but ultimately a bit of a flat film. It's a shame as it had the elements of what could have been a great portrayal of the early days of The invasion of Afghanistan in late 2001. First off it's based (Although very loosely) on the true life events of... Continue Reading →

Force Multiplier

So, What within Airsoft could be considered a force multiplier? Let's look at the definition of Force Multiplier first, Try and look at what could be seen as a legitimate inclusion to the list... Ok, so with this in mind, Airsoft is generally not a fair fight... One person will often have a natural advantage... Continue Reading →

The ATRG Confessional

If your curious about me, And where my Airsoft journey has taken me so far then have a look at The Gear Confessional's Interview with myself... And if you've not already, be sure to give him a follow on the blog and his IG @cryemeariver Thanks for the opportunity to purge my sins, I feel... Continue Reading →

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