The Beginners Guide To Airsoft In The U.K.

So, there’s one aspect of Airsoft that I might have overlooked a little in the blog... Those first steps into Airsoft. It’s a combination of having played on and off for over 20 years and also knowing that the majority of my early blog readership had a little time under their belts already. Starting out... Continue Reading →

Pouch Review: Head On Tactical Fanny Pack

Americans sure can seem a strange bunch to us Imperial Brits, and I’m sure it’s a mutual feeling across the pond... Apparently “bumming a fag” doesn’t mean the same thing over there that it does here and whilst we both use the word “Fanny” for things you can stick your winky in, apparently the colonials... Continue Reading →

How To: Spray Your Gun

Black guns are cool, but they can give you away in the natural environment which is very nearly, never black... That’s primarily the reason why so many modern military firearms are leaning towards FDE or tan anodised components. But before tan guns were a thing, the guys at the pointy end of the spear sprayed... Continue Reading →

2019 Retrospective

So what happened in 2019? Let's start off with the replicas that were released, there has certainly been some interesting developments in the Airsoft world. Marui launched a brace of pistols this year, from the Glock 19 to the FNX45, their modus operandi indicating that alongside looking at replicas they haven't already built such as... Continue Reading →

The Geardo Crow Interview

There are a small selection of blogs I read religiously... not many, but a few. Amongst them is a fellow writer whose work I'm sure you'll all have read at some point. The Geardo Crow, A former soldier and long standing member of the Airsoft Community, The Geardo Crow offers a unique insight into the... Continue Reading →

The Admin Vortex

We all know one, at some point we've probably been one ourselves... "Admin Vortex" A term coined and used in the British military to describe the less organised individuals within a unit, often recognisable by their poorly maintained uniform, bits of webbing/open pouches flapping about and their endless scrounging of kit after being unable to... Continue Reading →

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