Pouch Review: Ferro Concepts Mini Dangler (Ranger Green)

Whilst I won’t stake my reputation on the statement that Ferro made the first dangler on the market, I will confidently say that their original The Dangler (reviewed here) made an impact on the market so profound, that the word “Dangler” is the predominant placeholder for all sub-carrier pouches, irrespective of brand. Much like Hoover,... Continue Reading →

Sling Review: Ferro Concepts Slingster Pull Tab (Version 2 Type)

The original Slingster is a bloody good sling, near perfect and certainly my "go to" for most applications. From it's low profile yet incredibly comfortable pad to its ease of adjustability and sheer range of movement I can't think of many slings on the market that come close... Even the venerable Blue Force Gear "Vickers"... Continue Reading →

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