FIBUA – Fighting A Losing Battle

How many times have you booked onto an event at Copehill Down, just to have it moved, restricted or just plain cancelled? Have you got to the front gates of an event, only to be told that the game time has been cut in half or rules imposed that limit what can actually take place? If so, this article might a answer some questions and maybe give you a little insight into what hoops have to be jumped though to host a game at some of the U.K.s most interesting sites. So, let’s start with the sites themselves… As far … Continue reading FIBUA – Fighting A Losing Battle

Hardcore: The Decline And Return Of Milsim

It doesn’t matter which generation you belong to, You’ll always be reminded of how easy you have it compared to the last. Whilst a pinch of salt is in order when digesting this information, I’d have to say there’s a bit of truth in it. The word Milsim is used far to often, I use it (As many do) to allow a definition between a regular Skirmish and something a little more in depth. I understand that it’s far from perfect to simply use the phrase as a catch-all term but in the absence of a better word it’ll have … Continue reading Hardcore: The Decline And Return Of Milsim