2019 Retrospective

So what happened in 2019? Let's start off with the replicas that were released, there has certainly been some interesting developments in the Airsoft world. Marui launched a brace of pistols this year, from the Glock 19 to the FNX45, their modus operandi indicating that alongside looking at replicas they haven't already built such as... Continue Reading →

The Geardo Crow Interview

There are a small selection of blogs I read religiously... not many, but a few. Amongst them is a fellow writer whose work I'm sure you'll all have read at some point. The Geardo Crow, A former soldier and long standing member of the Airsoft Community, The Geardo Crow offers a unique insight into the... Continue Reading →

Sling Review: Ferro Concepts Slingster

I'm not going to lie... Garand Thumb has been responsible for more than one purchase of mine in the last few years. The guy commands a lot of respect for what he does, and also how he works with companies to provide reviews of the gear and accessories. Maximum transparency, minimal bias. His no-nonsense reviews... Continue Reading →

Belt Review: LBX Assaulter Belt

For a long long time I was a massive fan of running a "Battle Belt" loadout, but as time has passed my tastes have become much more minimal in nature when it comes to carrying weight on my waist. With the steady improvements in tactical gear over the last decade, its important to reassess what... Continue Reading →

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