July 2020 Tokyo Marui Teasers

It’s that time of year again... That time of year where Tokyo Marui show us a little glimpse of what’s coming up over the next year or so. But be warned! Many have been led down the garden path by these teasers in the past and you have to take these shots with a pinch... Continue Reading →

FIBUA – Fighting A Losing Battle

How many times have you booked onto an event at Copehill Down, just to have it moved, restricted or just plain cancelled? Have you got to the front gates of an event, only to be told that the game time has been cut in half or rules imposed that limit what can actually take place?... Continue Reading →

Night Vision: Diablo’s Guide For Goons

Night vision is something that regularly pops up in my instagram Q&As, but despite owning my own set of NODs, I’m still what I’d consider to be rather uneducated about the whole deal. Don’t get me wrong, I know what my personal NOD set up can do... I know it’s limitations and I know how... Continue Reading →

Replica Review: Tokyo Marui M4A1 GBBR (MWS/ZET System)

Before we start, there’s the small matter of what the correct name actually is for Tokyo Marui’s range of gas blowback M4 replicas. Whilst they’re commonly referred to as “MWS” or “MWS System” replicas, but this isn’t strictly the correct nomenclature for Marui’s M4 gas line. They’re actually referred to by the Tokyo Marui themselves... Continue Reading →

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