Review : Ferro Concepts Double Elastic Pistol Pouch

How many times can I chop and change my belt set up? Well, as long as companies like Ferro Concepts keep innovating and bringing interesting looking products to market, I guess I’ll keep trying them out.

An earlier belt set up, from a time before the DEP.

There are two things in particular that attracted me to the Ferro Concepts Double Elastic Pistol pouches (DEP); The first being it’s ability to take multiple types of magazine, and the second being it’s Tegris back-plate.

The DEP is remarkably simple, yet with a good deal of thought put into it’s design. The pouch consists of a single loop of elastic, stitched into a pair of sleeves. These are then joined to laser cut laminate stirrups, sewn onto a Tegris backing plate and finally finished off with a pair of laminate MOLLE/PALS straps that attach to the rear.

The magazines that this pouch can carry are stated as “most double stack 9mm/.40”, but anything that isn’t ridiculously bulky will fit with ease, including some double stack .45 magazines. Desert Eagle or Five seveN mags might be a little large, even for these elastic pouches, but any sensibly sized pistol magazine will fit without issue.

But that’s not to say it’s not capable of being used for other pistols, as even single or (most) double stacked .45 magazines don’t present an issue for the ample space provided by the elastic design.

As for the materials, a wide band of elastic provides the primary retention for your magazines. This has become a popular material for magazine retention, although you should bear in mind that it won’t last forever.

Along with the elastic, a laser cut laminate band wraps under and around each section, providing a durable stirrup for the bottom. The laminate is doubled over, forming a loop that allows attachment of the included shock cord/pull tabs, should you need the additional security they offer. Either way, it provides a pinch point for your finger and thumb that helps when inserting awkward or snag-prone magazines.

On the back of the pouch is where things start to get interesting, with one of the most prominent uses of Tegris that I’ve seen to date. The entire back frame of the pouch is constructed of a single laser cut section of the very much on-trend material.

Not only does this provide you with an incredibly rigid platform for the built in PALS/MOLLE straps to thread through, it also incorporates a row of holes that are meant for the other end of your shock cord, but can easily be repurposed to hold chem-lights or similar items.

Moving onto the second thing that really caught my attention with this pouch; the Tegris has been augmented with a pair of rivets, purposefully spaced out to allow a Bladetech TekLok to be attached to the pouch. This allows the pouch to not only be used via it’s built in webbing, but also as a standalone pistol magazine pouch on a “normal” belt, something that most PALS/MOLLE pouches are really not suited for.

In use, the DEP works well. Removing and reindexing magazines is made very easy due to the laminate straps, and in general I have no issues with this pouch. Even being picky, it’s tough to argue that the design isn’t doing exactly what it set out to do.

Overall, it’s hard not to like the DEP. It looks great, it does what it says on the tin and it’s incredibly well made. If there was ever one thing that always seems to hold true with Ferro Concepts’ products, it’s that they’re generally stitch perfect and almost faultless in overall construction.

Can I recommend the DEP? Yes, absolutely. Although purely because of it’s elastic design, It wouldn’t be a pouch I chose for a 6 month trip without any chance of resupply. That being said, I’m never going to be in that situation, and this pouch should fit well in my “cage” for the foreseeable future.

This pouch was purchased from Tactical Kit in the U.K., they currently have the entire Ferro Concepts catalogue available from stock, in the majority of colours available.