Headwear Review: Notch Adjustable Cap (Multicam)

The battle between eyepro and cap, not everyone suffers from it but for those who do… Notch offers a solution.

These caps are hardly new to the scene, I remember hearing about these guys a few years ago and was tempted at the time, But it’s just not been on the top of my list until I happened to be needing a “Tan team” ball cap… specifically one without a button on top as I’d be wearing my Comtacs.

After spending far too much money at Tactical Kit UK I decided that the logical step was to get as much as possible for my £5 postage and add another £25 to the order.

As I’ve a massive noggin (63cm or 7 3/4 for you yanks) I’ve always had to be careful buying “One size fits most” as it rarely offers any comfort and often just refuses to fit. The Notch caps are usually offered in both adjustable or stretch fit, I opted for the adjustable in Multicam (Because it goes with everything).

The next day, I had a look over the cap and tried it on… fits well and the build quality looks great. I don’t like paying money for hats, 5.11 used to literally give half decent hats away but even at £25 its a decent buy.

The brim is Multicam on top and green (close to RG) on the bottom, The Crown (The bit touching your forehead) is exactly the same. There is a 3″ x 2″ loop field on the crown for your choice of patches, a smaller 3/4 inch square is on the very top where you’d be able to place an IR glint marker if needed.

The rear 4 panels are a nylon mesh, not a style I’m used to buying but more than adequate at keeping my head cool. The inside is taped using branded green fabric to ensure comfort, the very top is stitched flat and it’s apparent that QC is in place to ensure no bumps or lumps that can be irritating at first and downright painful when wearing in conjunction with eye/ear pro.

The Velcro fastening at the rear is of the micro type, a great choice as it’s less likely to catch on longer hair. There’s also a fair amount more adjustment within this cap than I’m used to, I usually have the Velcro connected on the last half inch but with this cap I had over double that, So if your walking around with a swede like Timmy, Notch have you covered.

Materials are apparently 20% Cotton and 20% Nylon, That’s fantastic but I’m curious about the other 60% (Or maybe the holes in the mesh make up the other 60% 😂). The notch itself is made from a malleable synthetic rubbery material which is then stitched onto the brim, obviously for durability but it would also add a bit of grip for the caps intended purpose.

So without further ado, The key feature of this cap is the patented Notch, After trying on several pairs of glasses I couldn’t get anything to index into the notches as per the design, Im guessing it’s because of my giant head but after looking on Instagram at photos it looks like I’m not the only one… although I have to admit that I’m not getting any interference between cap and glasses so I’m not suffering any issues.

The cap is genuine licensed Crye Multicam pattern material so it goes with the rest of your gear, unfortunately other makes are often let down by a cheaper copy which can look odd in contrast to genuine material.

Overall fit and comfort is good, wearing this all day in blistering heat with a pair of Wiley X Sabres and Peltor Comtac IIIs I didn’t suffer any discomfort and managed to wear the cap “Peak Forward” for the most part which usually would cause fogging But didn’t appear to be much of an issue for most of the day.

All in all, A not cheap but good addition to the Tactical wardrobe… There’s plenty of colours and patterns to choose from, I was tempted to buy one in Kryptek but thankfully my brain said no. 😂

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