Accessory Review: BCM Vertical Grip Mod 3 (FDE)

Bravo Company Manufacturing make some rather interesting products, from accessories to full rifles they’re regarded by many as a premium firearms business. One of their more interesting product lines is their Vertical Grip series, with the Mod 3 being the latest version to hit the market.

The Mod 3 Foregrip is available in Keymod, M-LOK (The one I’ve reviewed) or the more common Picatinny rail flavours, with the final type being reviewed and seen on The Reptile House‘s L119A2 build (Click Here for his review).

The reason for my purchase was due to buying a HAO clone of the Geissele Mk16 “URG-I” M-LOK rail (Review coming soon) for a Gas Blowback Rifle build, this build being based on the fantastic Tokyo Marui MWS platform (reviewed here).

Wanting to make the most out of an M-LOK rail, I’d already decided to keep as much of my accessories M-LOK specific as possible. The idea of simply bolting on sections of rail to a low profile M-LOK hand guard seemed a little silly, so anything that would mount directly to the rail itself was going to be my first choice.

I did consider the Magpul MVG grip, the RVG (Picatinny Rail Version) being a standard “go to” for most of my builds. But after some consideration I decided to try this one out, partly due to its unique aesthetics but also because it has a very good reputation when used in the type of build I was aiming for.

The grip is made from a slightly lighter coloured plastic than Magpul’s frankly gorgeous FDE, a little pale but if we’re looking beyond the colour it feels rather solid and doesn’t appear to deform under heavy pressure. There is also a grey and a black version is BCMs light FDE colour isn’t why you’re after.

The grip is unique in its design, being canted as a slight angle of around 5 degrees giving it that unique look I mentioned earlier. The base of the grip is flared out to accommodate your hand and prevent any “bite” between the rail and grip, this is not only at the front and back but also at the sides.

The M-LOK mounting system is a Magpul design, with the M-LOK system itself being a Magpul invention and patent. I’ll not go into the pros and cons of whether Keymod or M-LOK is the superior mounting system, but I will say that I much prefer the concept and function of M-LOK over Keymod.

The grip is moulded with the same “wire wool” fibre type pattern, commonly seen on their other grips such as the Gunfighter Mod 3 (click here for my review). Whilst it’s not as aggressive as Magpul’s TSP (Trapezoidal Surface Projection) grip pattern, it is pretty grippy and more than sufficient without actually chewing through gloves.

The grip is also textured with clearly formed lines running horizontally across the front and back of the grip, this providing a nice amount of grip without an increase in wear and tear that a fully textured grip might bring.

The inside of the grip contains the two M-LOK bolts, spaced far enough apart that they will straddle between M-LOK slots and also prevent any additional stress if you should knock the grip against a window or door frame. The M-LOK bolts also come with Pre-Applied with thread-lock compound, a handy addition and it certainly helps in eliminating the chance of the grip working loose.

There is a storage version of the grip which is available for Picatinny and Keymod, however it is more expensive and the limited storage space along with its unique attachment design does mean that an M-LOK mounting system cannot be implemented.

Comfort wise I’ve actually found the grip to be slightly better for me when angled rear wards, I initially tried it with a forward cant but it just somehow feels more natural in a rearward angled placement.

Foregrip placement is always going to be a very personal thing, I tend to rest my hand half on and half off the rail with the grip itself acting as an enlarged handstop. In this position I find this grip to work pretty well, however I’m not sure it’s an out and out Magpul MVG/RVG killer… I’m still tempted to grab an MVG just to see how it feels.

The majority of BCM accessories can be picked up in the EU through Tactical Kit UK, However I picked this up (due to being a niche item not stocked in the UK) alongside a few other bits from Brownells UK who generally “drop ship” from their US supply chain, it can take a few weeks to arrive though so if it becomes a stocked item at Tactical Kit I’d suggest buying it from there.

Overall a great little accessory, one that clone companies have tried to imitate with varying degrees of success. The funny thing is though that the real deal isn’t overly expensive, for £25 you can own the real thing, so why wouldn’t you?

4 thoughts on “Accessory Review: BCM Vertical Grip Mod 3 (FDE)

      1. I have the c&c one but the colour of it seems off compared to the HAO version which looks as though it’s more true to the RS. I got their smr rail for my 416 and it’s unbelievably good quality


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