Pouch Review: HW Holsters Kydex C.A.T. TQ Holder

You know I said we’d be branching out from airsoft? Well here it is…


Only joking, (Although that hoodie is going straight in the shopping cart) HW Holsters were kind enough to send me at no cost, their first production CAT TQ Holder for the life saving tool that is the Combat Application Tourniquet. I’ve worked with HW on a few occasions (7 holsters to be exact) so it was nice to be able to review and give feedback on a new venture…

Now I’m merely an airsofter so I’m not going to talk about how great this would be for a Combat Medic or EMT, But I can say this, Its very well put together, This will however be a short review because the practical applications I’m not really qualified to talk about…


Customisation for mounting options is via the 6 hole grid on the rear, its supplied with a Tactical Tailor Malice Clip although it’ll work  great with a BladeTech TEKLOK so I’ll be  putting it on one of those soon enough.


The front is the most striking part, The Medical cross not only formed but cut out as well… This should certainly aid in locating the CAT amongst a sea of pistol mags and multi-tools. Retention is provided via the two Chicago bolts on the side, Allowing you to decide on just how snug you want it to be.


Its a great looking design, And stands out in a limited and costly marketplace. I’ll be wearing it on my belt kit as theres space enough on there and it complements the blowout pouch quite nicely. I’d wager that a red or orange CAT would look the Dogs Bollocks inside this holder… although I’m far too super serious MilSimlarper to wear orange on my rig. This will also most likely get a squirt of Krylon when the holsters being spruced up to merge better with the rest of the belt. (An FRV Tailoring shooters belt for those who are curious)


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