The Admin Vortex

We all know one, at some point we've probably been one ourselves... "Admin Vortex" A term coined and used in the British military to describe the less organised individuals within a unit, often recognisable by their poorly maintained uniform, bits of webbing/open pouches flapping about and their endless scrounging of kit after being unable to... Continue Reading →

Stirling Airsoft’s Operation Halcyon Spear – A Personal After Action Report

The annual August role-play event with Stirling Airsoft is one that I've taken part in for many years now... Over the last few years these have taken place at a military training area just across the Severn bridge in a little A-road village called Caerwent. Caerwent was once a Royal Navy propellant factory, the manufacture... Continue Reading →

Back To Basics

Remember how much fun Airsoft was when you first started? Wasn't it so much simpler when you had to make do with the gear you had rather than choosing from the mountain of gear you have accumulated over your playing career? Kind of like starting out in a game and all you've got are the... Continue Reading →

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