FIBUA – Fighting A Losing Battle

How many times have you booked onto an event at Copehill Down, just to have it moved, restricted or just plain cancelled? Have you got to the front gates of an event, only to be told that the game time has been cut in half or rules imposed that limit what can actually take place?... Continue Reading →

Night Vision: Diablo’s Guide For Goons

Night vision is something that regularly pops up in my instagram Q&As, but despite owning my own set of NODs, I’m still what I’d consider to be rather uneducated about the whole deal. Don’t get me wrong, I know what my personal NOD set up can do... I know it’s limitations and I know how... Continue Reading →

How To: Spray Your Gun

Black guns are cool, but they can give you away in the natural environment which is very nearly, never black... That’s primarily the reason why so many modern military firearms are leaning towards FDE or tan anodised components. But before tan guns were a thing, the guys at the pointy end of the spear sprayed... Continue Reading →

The Geardo Crow Interview

There are a small selection of blogs I read religiously... not many, but a few. Amongst them is a fellow writer whose work I'm sure you'll all have read at some point. The Geardo Crow, A former soldier and long standing member of the Airsoft Community, The Geardo Crow offers a unique insight into the... Continue Reading →

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