Accessory Review: HAO Geissele Super Precision AR15/M4 Scope Mount (The Reptile House Collaboration)

Some opportunities are too good to pass up... So when my good friend Rich AKA The Reptile House Blog asked me to put some words together regarding HAO's new Geissele Super Precision Scope Mount, I was extremely excited to help out and review it for his platform. Click here to see the full article. The... Continue Reading →

Accessory Review -Angry Gun Ambidextrous Selector (KAC Type for Marui MWS)

Being left handed often presents a few challenges, especially when using stuff designed for the other 90% of the population. Most of which, we simply deal with in our own ways... However when an opportunity presents itself to gain Ambidextrous controls into an otherwise right handed weapon, we southpaws will jump at the chance! With... Continue Reading →

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