Build Showcase: Kilo 3 Romeo’s MWS MRE

Showcasing builds is something that I’ve wanted to do for some time now, it’s something that actually introduced me into the world of airsoft blogs and it’s something that I’m absolutely certain is of interest to you guys.

Social media is where many of us get our fix of other people’s builds, but the nature of social media means that even permanent posts have an ephemeral quality that makes them hard to find again.

So why did I choose to showcase this particular build? Well it’s something that I really like… That’s it, no real science and no secret formula. It’s different enough from the generic Mk18s and L119A2s that it piques my interest.

You can only get so excited about a Mk18…

Also, Rob happens to be someone who’s been an active member of the ATRG community for some time. His builds have been on my radar for some time and the way he goes about building a rifle is much the same as my own method… Form/Functional.

That’s enough from me, let’s get into it:

The Inspiration

Rob: Why a Delta KAC MRE?

Upon aquiring my second MWS I knew I wanted to do something different to my first build a 10.3″ URGI. I had originally planned on creating a CBS SEAL Team Clay Spenser 14.5” 416 using one of HAO’s incredible receiver kits, but after stumbling across a whole variety of KAC parts reproduced by G&P on Fire Support’s website, I decided to take a different route.

The MRE (Modular Receiver Extension) shares many similarities with the often seen Daniel Defence FSP rail but is obviously older and as mentioned, built by Knight’s Armament. It was designed primarily for carbine type barrels, in applications requiring forward mounted accessories or ‘More Real Estate’ as it is sometimes referred to, whilst still allowing the use of the front sight post gas block.

Most of the rifles I have seen in the wild on my many research sessions via Google are quite similar, running an Eotech 551, AN/PEQ 2, sometimes a Redi-Mag system and often sporting the Gangster Grip, a scratch built vertical grip using a standard AR pistol grip and a clamp to allow the fitment of a torch… Think of it like a precursor to the Surefire grip/torch combos.

A few others have Schmidt & Bender short dot scopes, sometimes with the FSP cut down or replaced to aid viewing.

The Build

The main part of the build is of course the G&P MRE full rail kit. This comprises of the rail itself, a 14.5″ outer barrel and a 370mm tight bore inner barrel (amongst a few other bits) andys a package is designed specifically for the MWS.

To be clear, this is not a faithful or a true clone correct Delta rifle. I have tried to be as accurate as possible in regards to the overall look and feel, but certain parts I have added for my own preference and needs.

The outer barrel is finished off with a G&P clone of the famous KAC QD NT4 suppressor and suits this rifle perfectly.

Perched on the rail is a cheap Element AN/PEQ-2 battery box (weathered to oblivion to make it look half decent), I’m still on the hunt for a G&P version but they are scarce… I feel I could be looking for a while.

On the right hand rail there’s a clone Surefire M600, this is just a place holder until I can find a suitably vintage SF weapon light.

Underneath the rail, flanked with the classic KAC rail covers, is an equally iconic KAC vertical grip wrapped in sniper tape to aid grip.

Moving on to the lower receiver, more KAC goodies comprising of G&P clones of their ambi mag release and ambi fire selector, a WiiTech KAC trigger guard and a genuine Hogue Overmolded Beavertail Grip, again wrapped in sniper tape.

The stock is the obligatory CAR-15, a modernreproduced by Brownells with a John Masen pad. This is placed over an Angry Gun Milspec buffer tube (one of the few parts I would recommend for an MWS) it certainly helped remove the extra slop found in the older stock design when fitted on the smaller TM tube.

Heading over to the upper receiver, I have fitted a G&P clone of the KAC QD sling plate to work alongside the QD sling mount found on the rail again a G&P clone of a KAC item.

The charging handle at a glance looks stock, but it’s actually a G&P clone of the PRI M84 Gas Buster charging handle. Basically an M4 charging handle on steroids on a real rifle, designed to divert harmful gases etc away from the shooter. Pointless on an Airsoft rifle of course, but certinaly fits the aesthetic.

On the top of the receiver you’ll find an Element clone of the Larue Tactical LT110 riser, designed specifically to work with holographic sights coupled with magnfiers if needed. I was very fortunate to find a genuine Eotech 551, it has a few battle scars (which are to be expected) owing to the fact it was built in 2006, but it still works perfectly and really suits the rifle.

The only other internal upgrade other than the tightbore inner barrel is a SixG Super Nub, A tiny piece of brass allowing the MWS to hop weights above 0.28g. I have been seeing exceptional performance using 0.32g and 0.36g, very much a worthwhile upgrade!

The final step was a liberal coat of Krylon Khaki which was then stripped back for a weathered look and a spot of Warhammer shade paint to accentuate the worn weathered look.

In Use

So what’s it like to use? In short, Amazing!

Now that’s mainly due to the fact that this is based on a MWS platform and it’s performance out in the field speaks for itself, I’m pretty sure any build using the TM wonder gun is going to be lots of fun.

With the Eotech zero’d it’s like a point and click mouse (as BadaBing would say!), think of it like a lightweight DMR without the hassle of dealing with minimum engagment distances and the ability to flick the fun switch when needed.

The build has been fairly straightforward other than going on a G&P part number odyssey to try and track down some of these older parts. Speaking of G&P, overall their parts have fitted the MWS with no issues whatsoever and I would wholeheartedly reccomend any of their products that I have used.

Last weekend the large barrel locking ring started to work itself loose allowing the rail to be rotated slightly so I’ll take that off and use a small amount of threadlock to secure it.

On the same day, the element riser broke off whilst taking a dive to the dirt with the eotech still attached. The 551 was fine of course but the riser is going in the bin, it required modification to fit and stay ‘secure’ but it’s very cheap and not worth the hassle.

The annoying thing is I would gladly order a genuine one from Larue Tactical, but it’s classed as restricted under ITAR, so unfortunately us brits can’t have it!

The Future

As we all know a project rifle is never really finished, I have already sourced a replacement for the Element riser, a G&P clone of a (you’ve guessed it) KAC riser with an intergrated rear flip up sight.

Whilst looking for that, I also found G&P make clones of the KAC ‘Triple Tap’ flash hider and KAC ‘FSGB’ flip up front sight which also incorperates the gas tube. So I have also ordered those to add a little more uniqueness to this old girl.

You could argue that removing the FSP will take away one of the ‘cool’ things away from the MRE but the FSGB is pretty damn smart in it’s own way and would also allow the future installation of a short dot with nothing effecting it’s FOV.

As mentioned earlier I’m still on the hunt for a G&P PEQ-2 and I’m also pretty keen to buy an ASG QD LMT M203 grenade launcher for some fun with TAGs! I’m also going to be making a gangsta grip for it in the near future.

Lastly, I have been putting together a kit list to build a fairly authentic period loadout to go alongside this rifle for certain games or just for something different at the local skirmish, this would give me an excuse to purchase a TM M9A1 as a sidearm!

Build List:-

  • G&P KAC MRE Front Rail / Outer Barrel Kit
  • G&P KAC Ambi Magazine Catch
  • G&P KAC Ambi Fire Selector
  • G&P PRI M84 Charging Handle
  • Angry Gun Milspec Buffer Tube
  • Eotech 551
  • Element Larue Tactical ECOS-C Riser (now in the bin)
  • Super Six Brass Nub
  • Ferro Concepts M81 Slingster
  • Ferro Concepts QD Swivels
  • Element Surefire M600
  • Element PEQ-2 Battery Box
  • Wiitech KAC Trigger Guard
  • G&P KAC QD Sling Mount
  • G&P KAC QD Sling Plate
  • G&P KAC Suppressor
  • Notched Birdcage Flash Hider
  • G&P KAC Rail Covers
  • Brownells Car-15 Stock
  • John Masen Car-15 Stock Pad
  • Hogue Overmolded Beavertail Grip
  • Krylon Khaki Camouflage Paint

Future plans

  • G&P KAC Triple Tap Flash Hider (to be fitted)
  • G&P KAC FSGB Front Sight (to be fitted)
  • G&P KAC Riser Rail (to be fitted)
  • G&P AN/PEQ 2 (when I find one)
  • Gangsta Grip (to be built)

ATRG: So there you have it… The KAC MRE, a rather unique build and the first in a series of guest builds over the next few months.

To keep up to date with Rob’s future progress and to see his other builds, make sure you give him a follow on his personal Instagram: @kilo3_romeo.

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