The Mark H. Semos Interview

Although I'd suggest to anyone that hasn't visited the blog before that ATRG is mostly about Airsoft, Milsim and the outdoors, the relatively few SEAL Team articles I've written have proved universally popular and given the blog a respectable amount of its overall readership. From my initial thoughts early on with SEAL Team - Worth... Continue Reading →

Gear Review: Suunto Core (All Black)

Watches, they're a pretty underrated piece of gear. The story of the wrist watch itself is drenched in the history of combat, from the plains of South Africa during the Boer Wars and the trenches of northern France and Belgium, the skies above Germany and the Far East to the Afghan sands... The wrist watch... Continue Reading →

The SEAL Team Armoury

Following on from the success of the kit breakdown posted last year (and the more recent gear breakdown for season 2 link here), I thought it was time to revisit the SEAL Team franchise... With the kit covered to a reasonable depth, I figured we should probably take a look at the actual hardware used... Continue Reading →

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