Replica Review: Tokyo Marui AKM GBBR

The Avtomat Kalashnikova Modernizirovannyj, AKA The Kalashnikov, AKA the AK. Quite simply, the most prolific firearm in history. There’s an estimated 40 to 150 million AKs in existence, and that’s not even taking into account it’s relations; the Norinco Type 56, the AMD-65 and the Zastava M70 to name but a few… Often confused with... Continue Reading →

Pre-release Thoughts: Tokyo Marui AKM GBBR

We’re less than two weeks away from the release of Marui’s new “Gas Machine Gun”, the AKM. So for anyone who’s not looked closely at TM’s new GBBR, here’s the juice: The Good Nothing is set in stone with an unreleased product, but judging by Marui’s previous form with gas blowback replicas we can be... Continue Reading →

Build Showcase: Kilo 3 Romeo’s MWS MRE

Showcasing builds is something that I’ve wanted to do for some time now, it’s something that actually introduced me into the world of airsoft blogs and it’s something that I’m absolutely certain is of interest to you guys. Social media is where many of us get our fix of other people’s builds, but the nature... Continue Reading →

Pistol Review: Tokyo Marui Sig P226 E2

I have somewhat of a chequered history with the Tokyo Marui P226 E2. I’ve owned two; the first one crashed and burned, the second? Well, it’s looking good so far... So why did I sell the first one, and more importantly; why buy the exact same model again? The answer to the first question is... Continue Reading →

Marui Online 23/4/21 MarFes: Breakdown

Small disclaimer: Much of the information within this article is subject to become wrong or out of date as time goes by. Marui don’t tend to change much, but release dates can be pushed back (as was the case with the original MWS (pushed back over two years from its planned release date) and the... Continue Reading →

Marui Livestream Bingo

We’re all awaiting this Fridays big livestream, waiting to see what Marui delivers and praying that it won’t be a rushed product, but the MP5 that we really deserve. From Marui’s own teaser last week, to the whoopsie where ARMS Magazine appeared to confirm that this will indeed be a NGRS MP5A5. There’s still a... Continue Reading →

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