The Hunt…

A bit of a random article… But for some time now I’ve been on the hunt for the Soft Shell worn by Jason Hayes/David Boreanaz in SEAL Team CBS. I’ve had others involved, Even my wife has had a look!

It’s involved many attempts at googling various phrases, none so far have come up with a likely candidate.

I’ve found liners, storm shells, soft shells and cheap Chinese tactical jackets but nothing that fits the information on the show…

The best bit of information actually comes from Tyler Grey, One of the two onscreen technical advisors/actors. Responding to a comment on his IG feed he stated the following…

So, It’s possibly a Crye Precision item… It’s certainly not anything in their current catalogue but that’s not to say he’s right, Crye have slipped in a few items into the show pre-release such as their elastic magazine pouches and cummerbund, as seen here on the second Technical Advisor/Actor’s loadout… Justin Melnick, Who has long been associated with Crye Precision, Appearing in many of their promotional shots in the past and apparently having a close friendship with Caleb Crye.

So, what do we know about the jacket, well from looking at it in the show it appears to be an ultra light mid layer, Worn whilst on base to keep the edge of the Afghan night chills. It has what looks to be a pair of front pockets (Although I can’t be sure as they’re never used as far as I can see), It also has a zipped bicep pocket on each arm with an unusually small loop field for the attachment of what I can only imagine would be flag or IFF patches.

The collar appears to not have a hood, if it does it’s certainly low profile enough to not be seen. The real interesting find was by zooming in on the lining shown whilst the jacket was open, It shows a duvet type stitching… A bit of a surprise as the jacket appears to move so lightly that I’d assumed it was a single layer, storm shell type garment. However I’d say that it’s certainly a very thin quilted jacket, probably designed for much the in camp use it’s become known for on the show.

I’m still not a lot closer to finding out the lineage of this jacket… Its a bit frustrating and I’m eager to know what it is, Despite it maybe not being something I’d buy.

It has however uncovered something that I feel is actually more interesting and a little more unique (certainly in its pattern)… I’ll credit my wife with actually stumbling on it…

In Season 1 Episode 18Credible Threat” a number of the team are wearing a very unique pattern soft shell type jacket.

Ray (Neil Brown Jr) wearing a jacket made by Kuiu (pronounced Koo Yoo), Shown in this episode as being their Teton soft shell jacket in their unique Verde 2.0 pattern.

Clay has been seen wearing the same jacket in the companies other camo pattern, Vias Camo.

This is quite a unique insight into the thought process of how clothing is selected for the show. Whilst there is a massive amount of credibility to the choices made (Kuiu having been selected by a certain SEAL unit to provide a batch of clothing) it also stands as a reminder that CBS is an American business and as such, On screen advertising is prevalent within the show.

I’d hazard a guess that the items on screen are provided in order to further promote those brands... Although maybe I’m just a little too cynical.

I’m actually tempted to buy one, at the moment Kuiu has a 25% sale on which brings down the cost to a very affordable £130 shipped.

Either way, The hunt for that particular quilted Multicam jacket continues…

Well, It Did.

Andy from Tacbelts UK has a keen eye and spotted that it’s not such a rare item afterall… It appears to be a Wild Things Low Loft Jacket SO 1.0, and at £200 its certainly not a cheap bit of gear but its certainly within my budget for a new winter jacket.

Appendix 22nd November 2019

My more recent review of the Wild Things Low Loft SO 1.0 Jacket can be read on the following link click here, I can finally say… The hunt is over.


9 thoughts on “The Hunt…

  1. In my opinion its such a cool thing to look at pictures … analysing gear or doing research … makes me feel a bit like Sherlock Holmes … but for Tactical Gear 😀


  2. I was also looking for that jacket…. for weeks! I did kinda the same research! My final hint was an Instagram story by “Jack Carr” (author of “the terminal list” and ex-navy seal). He was on set in the locker room where all the operator cages are. I ask him to check “Jasen Hayes” cage for me for the jacket. He told me it was the wildthings jacket!! I ordered one. paid a lot of taxes since I’m from EU, but it was worth it xD

    Nice article though!!


    1. Haha, awesome! I’m thinking of getting one myself… same story for me as I’m UK based… Import taxes are a nightmare. How did you find your jacket? Comfortable?


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